Saturday, October 13, 2007

Have I Been Here Before?

Seeing how I am the favorite granddaughter...whenever my Nanny and Papa are in town they come hang out with us for a bit. So tonight while visiting we went out for some Chinese food.

It's a good thing the food was good, cause their picture taking skills were not! This is the best one we got!
A few years ago when Nanny and Papa came to visit we ate at this same restaurant, but they didn't remember. I was trying to convince them that they remembered and point out little things that might spark a memory. So when we were sitting down getting ready to order, the little Chinese lady comes over to our table and Papa asks her, "Have I been here before?". He was acting so serious and the lady had no idea why he would ask HER that question. We were all just busting up! My Nanny said the woman probably thought he was an Alzheimer's patient that escaped. Good times!

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I love your nanny..seeing this picture made me miss her!!!