Friday, October 19, 2007

The Sun Is Always Shinning When You're Cool

I was feeling a little couped up today while Camden was down for a nap. So as soon as he woke up we put on our shades and headed out on the town. Can you believe it was 92 degrees outside today? That is just plain weird! We have lived here for over two years and it is still hard for me to get used to "summer weather" in late October.

We went and walked around the new shopping center by our house. When we got home I took Camden's glasses off and he was looking all around like "Mom, why did you do that?". He loves to wear those things, it is pretty darn cute!

As you can see in this picture he is pointing to his left, what you can't see is the cute girls he is pointing at. He was totally saying, "Check out those hotties, they want me". And they did. Who wouldn't, I mean look at the kid!

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Kristin*Kay said...

aww.. he looks like a little stud.