Monday, November 26, 2007

You've Got Mail!

One of my most favorite things in this world is getting mail! I look forward to walking up to get the mail everyday in hopes that I receive something other than a bill. Today when I opened up the mailbox I immediately spotted a package! Unfortunately it wasn't addressed to me, but to Camden instead. This is almost as good, seeing how he cannot really open it, I needed to help.

So here he is "opening" his mail before I ripped into it like a 4 year old on Christmas morning.
Shot down! Inside the package was another wrapped package with instructions to open December 1.

So I called my mom to tell her I got the package and to thank her for the surprise, whatever it may be. But she quickly reminded me that the package was for Camden and not me. I told her how I tried to let him open it earlier and he just sucked on it. She gave me instructions to let him start sucking on it now and hopefully he will have it open by December 1. I really hope he mysteriously learns how to unwrap and I get a sneak peak before the 1st.

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