Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hard Day

Last weekend Camden had the flu and hasn't been the same since. I thought he was over the flu and just fussy because he was teething. But the projectile vomiting that has been going on since Wednesday surely gave it away.

Normally he will take a 6-8oz bottle every three hours. Yesterday he had 3 bottles total, and threw up every last ounce. He wasn't acting overly hungry, but instead he would just play with the bottle in his mouth. I wasn't too worried until he woke up this morning and hardly had any urine in his diaper. Trying not to overreact I feed him his usual bowl of rice cereal followed by a 6oz bottle. Not even 5 minutes after that, everything he just ate was down the front of me, him, and the couch. So to make this long story shorter...he was allowed a 1/2oz of pedialyte every twenty minutes so long as he kept it down for an hour and a half. Well...the poor kid couldn't even keep that much down. How in the world do you console your starving 5 month old and try to explain why you aren't feeding him? It is draining!

Trying to come up with ways to distract him, or stop the crying. I thought I'd let him soak in the tub. Evidently he was so hungry he thought he could eat his bathtub.
He sat like this sucking on the tub for at least ten minutes. I had to peel the poor kid off, he was starving!!! I know he will be fine, hopefully sooner than later. But I never realized having a sick kid could be this hard. He is normally a pretty happy guy, but he just hasn't been himself lately.

He is now tucked away and fast asleep! Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day!


Rebecca said...

Poor little guy! :( Hope he feels better soon. {{{hugs}}}


I guess Owen has the other sickness..he has been coughing like a yak!! I think part of his lung came out..give Camden some snuggles from his Auntie Leslie