Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going Topless

Today Camden has been drinking his regular full strength formula and is acting so much better. Even though the amount of food he eats is only half of what it used to be; I am so glad he is finally eating food again. I was hopeful he would be able to drink 6oz at a time by tomorrow. But I should've known this wouldn't last. Just when I thought he was on the mend and feeling better...I take him out in public and he thinks he needs to start throwing up again. This first happened at Costco and it was everywhere. Luckily I had an extra onesie in his diaper bag to change him into. A few hours later we left for Mutual and he decided to barf again, only this time I didn't have a spare onesie in the diaper bag, just the dirty one from Costco. Hence the topless photo below!

I know he will hate me someday for making him wear this hat. But until he can refuse, I am going to put him in whatever I think is cute.

I give up on what to do with this barfing child of mine. He has got it coming out of both ends now, it is starting to get old.