Saturday, November 10, 2007

It Must Be A Guy Thing

Today I set Camden in the corner of the couch while I sat down to make a menu and grocery list. He immediately put his arms into this position.
I thought it was so cute, a typical guy position when lounging on the couch. Not thinking it would last, I snapped a photo. No joke twenty minutes later I looked over and he was still sitting there, not moving a muscle, just chillin.
Doesn't he looked relaxed. I wondered how long this could possibly go on!
It was probably a total of 45 minutes until I got my menu and grocery list complete and this is what I saw!

He is such a good baby. Even when he isn't feeling the best he is totally content on his own and me not entertaining. I just hope this lasts forever:)

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Oh Camden! You look just like your Daddy lounging on the couch watching a game! :)