Friday, May 1, 2009

You Know It's Not Your First When...

This morning I decided I had better take a shower seeing how I didn't get to it yesterday. Being the space cadet I am, I forgot to hide my second child from the first, and left him in his swing. And since I have this hearing problem in my left ear(that's another story for another post) I can't hear what's going on unless it's the only noise in the room. I should've known something was wrong when the dog, who is terrified of the shower, poked her head in on me several times throughout my LONG 5 minute shower. So after turning off the water I was able to hear Jace screaming bloody murder and Camden saying, "Ace okay? Ace Ace okay?"

When I arrived at the scene Jace was no longer in or near his swing. Instead he was face down in the middle of the floor with Camden shaking him. After pausing for a minute to think if I should go get the camera first, or examine my child; I decided I was no longer a "new mom". Jace was definitely not my first or I wouldn't have stop and think about taking a picture.

So I took a minute to explain to Camden for the 15th million time that we can't pick up the baby without asking for help. Immediately after that Camden said, "On me pease, elp".
How could I resist?


Rebecca said...

I love all the pictures, especially this one! Jace has so much hair! He is adorable!


They survive it all....who knows how but they do!