Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's Yours Is Now Mine

I have to admit I was rather hesitant to introduce Camden to the world of Play-doh. I didn't want it in the carpet, in his mouth, or on the dog. But indeed he was in heaven when I finally busted it out. He sat and played with it for over an hour. It was priceless!

His face was to die for, he was so serious and interested in this stuff. I could see the wheels just turning in that little head of his with the endless possibilities he could create.

This new favorite past time of his is also a favorite of mine. You see, it gives me a good amount of time where he is entertained and I am free to do as I please. Now if only I could figure some way of taking this to church without a mess we'd be set.

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Amy C said...

My boys LOVE play dough! But, they don't get to use it very often because of the mess. I too don't want it in the carpet. But at my mom's house, I really shouldn't have an excuse because in the kitchen where they would do it is vinyl flooring. I still don't get it out often!