Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today is a sad day! So sad that instead of calling to talk to my mom, I opted for texting her because I was afraid to cry. Several months(6+) ago my Dad got a job in Idaho. While he "moved" there to work, my mom and brother stayed in Utah to sell our house. As badly as I wanted that house to sell so my parents didn't have to live in two separate states, I must admit there was a time or two I prayed it didn't. Selfish? I'm well aware. But despite my best efforts, the house sold.

That was the house I grew up in. It was where my first date came to pick me up. That driveway was where I parked the car I first learned to drive. That was the big yard I complained about mowing! Cleaning up trash from those stupid trees is where I spent plenty of my Saturday mornings. The swimming pool in the back yard is where we had so many fun parties. The "girls hallway" was intriguing to all the boys never allowed back there. The "boy baby" room that turned into my moms sewing/craft room is no longer. The hardwood floor I hated mopping on my hands and knees will now be mopped by someone else. My neighbors will no longer hear the "Lissa Laugh" through the bathroom door and know when I'm home. I will never "have to" go get my mom a can of anything from the storage room downstairs. My sisters and I will never fight over what part of the girl's bathroom to clean. That house is where I would just walk around and make sure everything was the same as the last time I came to visit. Who will fold newspapers every afternoon in that garage? Will anyone sit in the computer room till all hours of the night finishing a paper they procrastinated? Will the new mom of that house yell down the stairs "wrong note" to her kids practicing the piano in the front room? Will they take pictures before a highschool dance in that same room? Will their grandkids get dirty fingerprints all over the sliding glass doors? Will they repair the crack on the wall where "the fault line sits"? Who will write on the white board in the kitchen? Will they call that house their home?

Ever since Dan and I moved to Arizona, whenever we'd go back to Utah I'd tell people we were "going home". That house is what I called home. Right now I'm feeling homeless.
To try and ease my misery I went to Walmart last night to find happiness in a can. I had every intention of blogging that money can buy happiness, hence I took this picture. I have already consumed 3 cans today and one 32oz from Circle K. I guess I'm going to agree with my mom's text, about the house being empty and "Dr. Pepper doesn't even help".


Natenkell said...

I'm sorry, Lissa. I can't imagine how I would feel if my parents sold "my" house. Even though we keep trying to convince them to move out of the neighborhood. Just so you know, Idaho isn't SO bad. It even grows on you. What part of Idaho are they moving to?


Oh it sold???!! I'm sorry but please don't feel homeless..THAT MAKES ME SAD! I love you girl and I know it sucks..drink a Dr Pepper for me too (you know Blake and the caffeine)!

Randy and Cassi Guthrie said...

Goodbye home.

Robbie & Darcy said...

Hey Lissa! I found your link from Cassi's blog. I seriously almost started crying reading about your house. I have SO many memories in your house--I even remember your garage door opener from when I would sub your newspaper route. Cassi gave me a bridal shower there, finishing procrastinated homework with Cassi, many pool parties, I could go on. I wonder what it will be like if my parents ever sell "my home". I'm sorry!
Darcy (Davis) Fewkes