Saturday, May 9, 2009


Being out numbered 3 to 1 has it's perks ya know. For example, days like today I received 3 different deliveries from 3 different men in my life.

Camden sent me this delicious fruit bouquet. I have always dreamed about getting one of these in the mail and it did not disappoint. The fruit is crisp and the chocolate delish!
Next came a cookie surprise from Mr. Jace. I'm not sure who will enjoy this one more, Camden or I? When I opened the box his eyes got huge and he said, "Whoa"! And I felt like I had just stepped into a bakery from the smell that overtook me. Yumm-o!And of course the hottest man of the house had to one up all the rest with these beautiful roses. I was thoroughly impressed and love all my surprises. Thanks boys, I love your guts!


Tawnya said...

Ok, maybe I'm a little jealous. Way to go Dan!! (and Cam and Jace)

Heather said...

Lissa, I am totally jealous of your "edible arrangement". I too have always wanted one of those.

ps Jace is TO DIE FOR!!

fivewalkers said...

I love love those Edible arrangements!! What a fun Mother's day for you. Jace is just the cutest thing ever. Can't wait to hold him.