Friday, May 22, 2009

Sleep Deprived

For the last week one of my children has been sleeping through the night, the other one not so much. From day one Jace has been a good sleeper only waking up once to eat. But I never expected he would start sleeping through the night(8 hours) at just 5 weeks old. I love it. This will make going back to work a bit easier on me.

Camden on the other hand has been an awful sleeper the last few weeks. On top of not sleeping I noticed he was snoring really loud, choking on his own saliva, producing fierce breath, and all together more cranky. I accounted the crankiness to not sleeping, the choking to being a drama queen, the bad breath to him being a boy, and the me thinking. So one night while I was fighting him into his pajamas, he yelled at me and I saw the size of his tonsils. HOLY COW, it's a wonder the poor kid was even breathing. Those suckers were huge.

Luckily we had a follow up appointment with the ENT for his ear tubes that we were able to bump up and get him seen. His tonsils were indeed enlarged and infected. So here goes yet another round of antibiotics to try and kill this one.

So in an attempt to mask the crankiness and playful abuse on his younger brother, we are trying hard to keep him occupied with exciting things throughout the day.
I'm learning to think like a little boy and use my imagination to make awesome sound effects. Before lunch we played dinosaurs and locked them in a cage while Camden took his nap. After he woke up I had all his cars set up in the middle of the floor. When he walked down the stairs and saw this creation his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning.

Oh to be a kid again.


Amy C said...

Wow! I hope he gets feeling better soon! and lucky you that Jace sleeps through the night! That's awesome. Do you think they will end up taking his tonsils out?


I love it! Owen use to sit on Ella all freaking day..don't worry eventually they move on to something else like hitting them with trucks!!