Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can Time Stand Still?

I'm having a hard time letting go of my newborn. With Camden I was so anxious for the next phase or milestone, I think I may have forgotten to enjoy the stage he was in. But with Jace I'm so wrapped up in his newborn stage that I fear I'm forgetting to enjoy each milestone.

From the time he was just a week old people would ask how many months he was. I am starting to cringe at this question. Not because I don't like me a big baby, cause I definitely love some good chub(hence the reason I'm having a hard time letting go of my own). But because I'm not sure it's just his size that makes people question. It's also in his face. He is a man already!

I have heard of people taking a face shot of their babies everyday for the first year to notice how much they change. This sounded like a good idea until I missed his face shot even before the first week was over. This top picture is Jace at just 3 days old. And below is a picture on day 25.

But back to this whole growing up thing. I think I know why I'm having this dilemma. There is something special about holding a newborn so fresh and innocent, straight from a perfect Heaven and a perfect Father. The longer they have been here and the older they get, the more that innocence is lost. They learn how to hit and yell, how to say no and eventually talk back. And I'm supposed to teach them right from wrong and hope they learn to make wise decisions. Talk about some pressure! This whole parenting thing gives me more anxiety than I ever knew one could have, and my oldest isn't even two.

Maybe with Camden I didn't fully understand this concept. And now I can see the bad habits we created in him and the things we could've taught him differently. But seeing how we can't go back in time to fix them, I can hope time stands still until I perfect this parenting thing. Wish my kids luck!

PS. Happy 29th Cinco De Mayo Chad!


Tawnya said...

'Parenting' is so much easier when you're not a parent! Serious, my co-worker would criticize and complain about all the soccer moms she has to tolerate in the course of being alive and she never had kids so she'll never eat her words. I hate that. It makes you realize what a good job your parents did.

Kenzie said...

His hair is to DIE for!! OH i just could love on him all day!


OHHHH I LOVE that picture with his eyes wide open! I need to see him NOW!