Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too Much?

Why is it people think just because you are pregnant you have no feelings? (You really don't have to answer that...I'm well aware I'm overly sensitive...especially now)

For the last month or so I have heard many comments about me "being ready to pop". I guess you could say these comments have taken a toll on me, I've heard enough. Today I snapped!

In order to get my hours in before Friday I worked the last three days in a row(12 hour shifts). I'm not kidding when I say at least 30 people asked if I was having twins. Really people, I'm gonna have a baby any day, I'm still working, I'm well aware I have a waddle that can be seen from a mile away, I feel like crap, do you think you need to ask that question? Do you think that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside?

So today after about the fifth person asked me that very question, I did something I shouldn't have done. Here's how it went down:

Rude Lady: Hi, I'm here to draw labs on the patient in room....WOW look at you! When are you due?
Me: In two days!!!
Rude Lady: Man, are there two in there?
Me: Nope, just one but thanks for letting me know you think I'm huge. Would you like to go step on the scale and measure which one of us weighs more?
Rude Lady: (speechless)
Me: And I'm nine months pregnant(as I walked away to go cry in the bathroom)!

Word to the wise...The less you say to a pregnant woman the better off you are.



Good for you stupid rude lady!

Kenzie said...

People are really so damn stupid when i was 6 months along i turned around it front of this lady and she said "OH, any day now huh? i'm all, or 3 more months! People learn to SHUT your mouhts!

Andee said...

Don't worry Lisa. That happened to me more than once as well..and I was only like 7 months along. I think it's good you did that, because she will most likely NEVER do it again. If everyone were to be like you, there would be less of those sorts of people in this world. It's so ridiculous how insensitive they can be! I bet you look beautiful.

Stacie said...

I think this is so funny, I wish I could have been there to hear this conversation Lissa. I can hear you in my mind. You are so funny, I love that you told her that. Stickin up for the prego ladies!! Just so you know I think pregnant girls are all so cute, huge and all.

Tawnya said...

Holy crap. I also hate when people ask, "You're STILL here??"

Caleb and Becky Rigby said...

Lissa, I love that you said that. Some people lack that thing that stops them from saying stupid things. If it makes you feel better last year a rude customer asked me when I was due (clearly I was not prego) and I said I had a miscarriage last week. Everyone gave him such mean looks that I felt a little better. :)

Jennifer said...

Lissa! I think that story is awesome! lol

I'm excited for you guys!!