Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back To Reality

Thanks for coming to stay with us Nanny B, we miss you already!
Now that you're gone who will cook us breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Who will grocery shop? Who will clean the house? Who will do all the laundry and stay on top of it? Who will take us for walks? Who will play, "feed me Seymour" at lunch so we eat our food? Who will wake up with Jace AND Camden every night? Who will make us "special drinks"? Who will take over when mom has a melt down? Who will catch the peeping toms? Who will make our bed everyday? Who will stock our freezer full of homemade meals? Who will love on one kid while I love on the other? Who will cater to our every need? I guess now that your gone reality will hit!
Reality bites!


Kris*Mitch*Kal said...

we are monvin next wednesday!!! we are doing a short sale and getting the heck of of arizona. ha.. By the way Your new little boy is freakin adorable!!! We will have to come by and see him before we leave!!

Amy C said...

Wish I was down there still and could help you. Isn't it so nice to have them come and help! What's this about peeping toms, I think you should explain?!

Tawnya said...

Peeping toms??? Uh...scary! And yeah, reality bites.

Casey said...

You'll do it all and you'll love it! Your baby is so so cute. Congrats Lissa!

amy said...

You know it probably won't be me since I said I'd come by last week and I still haven't seen you. But really, I'll do anything. Just ask.

Gabaldon said...

Geez, I remember when my mom was with me for almost a month then she left & reality did bite a BIG one!

It is so nice to have a loving mom to come & help out! Always nice to have extra hands to help out:)

You'll do great! Glad all is well!