Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Of Them Is Not Like The Other

I've been trying to convince myself that these complete opposites both belong to me. The only resemblance I really see is the chubby cheeks they both inherited from yours truly. Other than that, I believe their looks are like night and day.

Both these pictures were taken when they were about one week old. When I took this picture of Jace I was having major deja vu. I remember my mom was here(both times) and we were just hanging out(both times), and I couldn't resist taking this picture(both times).

Not only are they exact opposites when it comes to looks, but pretty much every other aspect as well. While I was pregnant with Camden he didn't move around much inside of me, Jace never stopped. When Camden was a baby he hated being wrapped tight in a blanket, Jace LOVES it. Camden loved being on his belly, Jace hates it. Camden peed on me everytime I changed his diaper, Jace has only peed on me one time. Camden loved baths, Jace hates them. Camden was a noisy sleeper and kept me up a lot. Jace gets me up once to eat and is back down for the count. Camden never pooped, Jace never stops.

I LOVE both my kids(man that's weird to say), but I am also loving all these opposites. Maybe Jace won't give me such a run for my money. Yeah right, he's still little!

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Casey said...

Oh I just love the cute that you got the exact same pose. All that dark hair on Jace is so cute!! It's funny you mentioned the pee thing...Brady peed on me every chance he got and Beau (my last one) has never peed on me! I'm so glad Jace is sleeping so good for you. Keep posting pics!