Friday, April 24, 2009

It's About Time

Apparently we are in the middle of basketball playoffs. Why would I know such a thing? So last night when I was wanting to spend some quality time with my husband because #1 was in bed, #2 was taking a cat nap, and I didn't want to work on my talk for Sunday. I got to spend that quality time with just the two of us, on the couch, watching the Jazz game. Romantic, I know.

I try not to ask very many questions and I also try to yell at the TV once or twice so he knows I'm paying attention. I think I did a pretty good job last night, wouldn't you say Dan? Well, I learned last night that the Jazz really needed this win in order to not be a complete humiliation and get swept.

And because they pulled it off and came through with a win...
We are sportin' the jersey!

Uncle Aaron, this one's for you!

PS. I'm pretty sure the quality time worked because I feel more connected to Dan now after watching that game together than I ever have before.


Tawnya said...


Casey said...

Your talking at church so soon after having the baby? Ugh!

Rae said...

Yeah once the suns are out I fake interest too.. blah. Playoffs are forever long! - What a good suportive wife!!