Saturday, September 1, 2007


Today is such a big day(as Dan would say)! Why you might ask yourself? Because it's BYU's opening football game. For those of you who don't know Dan is a huge freak, I mean fanatic, about BYU sports. He has been reminding me of this day for the past two weeks.

Funny side note...When Dan and I were first married he had to tell me the "game day rules". They are as follows:

No interruptions during the game(this includes talking, vacuuming, asking questions, trying to annoy him).

I am not allowed to make up "busy" chores for him during the game just because I don't want him sitting around.

But I am allowed to place a basket of clean laundry next to him because he is willing to fold them during the game(phew).

Back to the original story....Knowing Dan is such a huge fan, I am sure he has dreamt about the day when he could sit down and watch the BYU game with his son. So I being the wonderful wife I am, searched high and low for a BYU shirt or hat for Camden. Much to my dismay, I couldn't find one in time. So the blue shirt he is wearing is as close as I could get. Don't worry the search is not over, I will find one before this season ends.

Never fear, I didn't break a rule. It was halftime during this picture!

Can't you just tell how much fun Camden is having?????

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