Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bad Memories

Last night while out on a date with my boys I saw several pregnant women. Seeing them brought back a flood of memories I was not very fond of. In order to put those lovely memories behind me, I knew I needed to physically put the remnants that are lurking, away(other than my baby, I will keep him)!

For starters I began cleaning out my closet. As I was stacking my maternity clothes in a pile to store, I just about had an anxiety attack. No, not because I am sad to put them away. But because I couldn't believe ADOT didn't make me put a flashing sign on my rear that read "wide load". I guess they assumed it was pretty obvious and therefore unnecessary.

And second of all... I was saving these clothes and leaving a possibility for it(pregnancy) to happen again. This is just beyond me right now!!!

I should have taken a before shot of my closet so you can really appreciate how good it looks now. Let's just hope those painful memories fade.

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