Saturday, September 15, 2007


For reasons unknown to me(even though Dan has explained it a dozen times) we don't get but a few of the BYU games on TV. So in order to feed his need, tonight we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, where his buddy works and who will turn it on for him. And when I say for him, I mean only him. Because who else in this entire state really cares about BYU? This restaurant is a place with a million TV's and a million different games on. Dan is the only one watching the BYU game! But don't you worry we had Camden all decked out and ready to bond with his daddy! Ya know, do what boys do when watching the and yell at inanimate objects thinking their comments make a difference.

Yes this shirt is for 6 month children, but Cam is quite the chunk and probably won't wear it for much longer. Oh wait, isn't that how BYU supporters wear their shirts anyway(outdated and way too small? He'll fit right in).

Dan just loves it when I bust out the camera at places like this. He is probably embarrassed to take me there in the first place and then I make him pose for a picture. The things he does for love!

Dan wouldn't let me ask the waitress to take our picture as a family, so instead we get one with mom and one with dad.

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