Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Do I Win?

So I have been giving Camden quite a bit of tummy time(other than when he's asleep) in hopes that he will roll over. I have secretly been wanting him to do it for ME, not Dan, so I can say I taught him that. But I guess Dan kinda, sorta, half way, wins this one(he didn't know we were even having a competition, I just made it that way). Here's the story...

When I came home from work last Friday I was drilling Dan with 100 questions about their day, to be sure I didn't miss out on anything. He assured me their day was uneventful and they "just hung out". A few hours later he non-shalontly(is that a word) tells me that Camden must have rolled over while talking a nap. The reasoning behind this being, when Dan went to get him out of his crib he was lying on his back. On the surface I was so excited that my boy did this; but deep down I was disappointed it was on "Dan's time".

I know, I know, I am such a brat! Why does everything have to be a competition? It didn't seem like such a big deal until writing it out in this blog, now I sound like a total jerk. Oh well, this is how I really felt about the situation, as selfish as it sounds I am gonna continue writing.

Needles to say, I was on Camden's case about this whole rolling over bit. Every day I had him out on his play mat, strength training if you will:) And it finally paid off for me! Tonight he rolled over while I was watching him(remember Dan didn't catch him in the act), right after I took him out of the tub. So does this mean I win???

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