Thursday, September 13, 2007


Call me crazy, I know I am. I have a bad habit that I just love doing...walking around the house in the morning, or night, or middle of the day, in my underwear. To me, there is no point in putting on clothes until I absolutely HAVE to. But don't worry I keep the blinds closed until I am fully dressed. So anyway...this morning I was participating in my bad habit while making Camden a bottle in the kitchen. All of a sudden the dog starts barking at the back door, and shortly thereafter I hear a knock coming from that same area, this is when I began to panic. Why you ask? Because the back door does not have any blinds. I was stuck...Camden was screaming on the couch, Chewie was barking at whoever was knocking, Dan was asleep upstairs, and I couldn't move or the mystery person hiding at the back door would see me in my skivies! What did I do? I did what any woman in her underwear would do...I strategically stood in the kitchen where I wouldn't be seen and yelled up to Dan(remember it had to be loud enough to be heard over the dog and screaming child) to put clothes on and come downstairs. Knowing the mystery man could hear me, I was totally embarrassed but felt there was no other choice. Once Dan made it down the stairs, he said nobody was even at the door. Alright call me even more crazy, I swore I heard a knock. So I went to the back door and opened it; sure enough there was a FedEx package. I am sure Mr. FedEx had a good laugh, or cry if he spotted me in the kitchen. I guess I need to be sure the back gate is locked so in the future Mr. FedEx doesn't come a knockin' at the wrong door!

Oh and by the way, the fun package was from Leslie. She sent Camden this cute shirt and hat! Her husband is a huge BYU freak also!