Friday, January 25, 2008

Make It Right

Have you ever been wronged whether intentionally or not? I have! And just recently when it happened I wanted so badly to MAKE that person MAKE it right. Does that make any sense?

Well this battle came to an end. Not the way I had planned it out in my little head to end, but nonetheless, it ended. I have been making phone call, after phone call, to the supervisors' supervisor. It was a non-stop battle trying to get them to make the problem THEY caused me, right. I have been on the phone and in person to these people for the past few weeks and didn't seem to get anywhere. But today when I spoke with Rosa something clicked. She UNDERSTOOD my complaint and ACKNOWLEDGED my feelings of being wronged. She couldn't take back what had happened or even fix the problem for me. But Rosa recognized the mistake and listened to my complaint. I felt SOOOO much better today after talking with her. It is funny how my main goal in this battle, quickly changed after Rosa heard what I was trying to get across.

Does this mean that MY problem was solved? No, and I know it never will be. Do I believe that this will never happen to another person? No, but maybe one less because I spent hours trying to make them aware(AKA complaining). Do I feel better? YES, I wanted to be understood and Rosa did just that.

Now I feel better and my complaining can stop(for a minute or two).


Rebecca said...

You're having kind of a rough week! Glad you're feeling a bit better. {{{hugs}}}

Heather said...

now i need to know what the "wrong" was!! :)