Saturday, January 12, 2008

7 Months

It's funny how the months seem to go by so slow while you are pregnant, but once your baby arrives...times flies. Camden is 7 months old today and I cannot believe we have had him for that long!
I took him to the park the other day and here are just a few of the millions of photos we took! His checks are so dang loveable! And what is cuter than a double chin covered in drool?
Now that he is 7 months he has mastered sitting up on his own. He loves holding his own bottle and we are currently struggling giving the love he has for this up. I have tried giving him a sippy cup and he only wants to play with it, not drink from it. Even if he is not hungry, he will cry for a bottle, it is a total comfort thing to him...I'm scared! He loves anything that makes noise. Speaking of noise...he loves to make sudden outbursts, loud and random. He enjoys hearing himself "talk". Lately we have had so much fun playing a little copy cat game with him. He will make a grunt or yell, then I will do it back, then he on and so forth. It is way too fun for me!His two bottom teeth are huge and a little crooked, but super cute(just for journal purposes I'm not sure I ever mentioned...his first tooth came in at 5months and his second when he was 6 months). He is a really good eater and will try just about anything you put in front of him. His favorite food, or should I say dessert, is Guava. He loves our dog Chewie and all stuffed animals. His latest obsession is shoelaces and water bottles. If you are drinking from a water bottle he will yell until you give it to him. He has a firm grasp on anything he comes in contact with. He is ALL BOY! I love it!

He is such a joy in our lives and he makes life so complete. I get so excited everyday when a little more of his personality comes out.

Happy 7 months baby!


Rebecca said...

Happy 7 months Cam! He is so adorable! And you take great pictures!!

Heather said...

Love the freaking dang cute hat!!! I also love that you made your neighbors cookies! I look forward to hearing how your friendship develops!Love you!!