Saturday, January 19, 2008


The bath is one of Camden's favorite things during the day. He would sit and play in the tub for hours if I let him. Last night after I washed him up I let him sit and play for a while. I noticed that he was trying to grab the bubbles that the soap made. Eventually the bubbles became less and less and I found myself trying to create more for his enjoyment.
Hmm...this got me thinking! Why don't I just buy bubble bath? Is that okay for babies? Or do they make a special kind I am supposed to use for his skin? Help me out here, I'm a rookie!


Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure bubble bath is ok, but he might try to eat the bubbles! That's what C and H did at that age and I haven't tried it since! LOL. Hummmm, maybe it's about time we tried it again.... :)

Heather said...

Finn is obsessed with Thomas bubble bath. We only use it every other day so I am not buying it every week. Very entertaining!