Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Did It

I finally managed to get a picture of Cam's mouth full of teeth! He has quite the crooked smile but still looks adorable, don't ya think?

His little personality is really starting to show more everyday. His once calm demeanor has quickly changed into something more wild. He is a fiesty little guy with a set of lungs.

Last night Dan and I were talking about Camden's temper tantrums and where he learned this so called trick. You can imagine he said from me, and I said from him. But we all know the truth, it comes from Dan(wink). I am not sure how and if I can nip this temper tantrum throwing in the butt, or if it is just a phase kids go through.

I love this age and the fun things he is starting to learn, but I am also scared! It is an overwhelming feeling to know that I created this miracle and am intrusted to teach him right from wrong. I so often wish he came with an instruction manual. But the funny thing is everytime I read or hear about what I should be doing with him, I rebel. I don't want some so called expert text book writer telling me how to raise my not so text book child.

I love this kid.


Kristin*Kay said...

he is tooo cute!

Amy C said...

Wow, I can't believe his mouth full! It seems like he's gotten all those really fast!

Rebecca said...

So many teeth! :) I think some Moms just know what to do without having to be told by the "experts"... and who's more of an expert than a Mom anyway?!

Tempers... yeah, that's a fun one isn't it? LOL I think they get frustrated when they can't express themselves so you'll understand... although C and H still do it sometimes. :)


I love him