Thursday, March 20, 2008

He's Back

Yesterday Camden was NOT himself. Everything I did was wrong! He was not happy with me but wanted to cling on me until he had me, then he wanted down(did that even make sense). So when I decided to take my very needed one hour break and go to the gym; I was sweetly interrupted by the nice daycare lady telling me all Camden would do was cry. So I was politely asked to come and get him. Gosh dang it. You know your kid is possessed when the gym daycare won't take him, they take anyone!

So off we went about our merry day butting heads. When Dan finally(it was earlier than most days, but sure didn't feel like it) got home from work, even he was surprised at the way Camden was acting. It was comforting to know that it wasn't just my lack of patience, but two other people agreed his behavior was abnormal.

Scared out of our minds to take him to the Easter Pageant, we went anyway. Something in the air must have banished that evil demon in his body because he was acting rather pleasant! The people around us might not have agreed when he was laughing uncontrollably during the most reverent part of the play. But I was not about to stop this incredible behavior we thought we'd never see again.

When he woke up, at a reasonable hour I might add; rather than crying, he was playing in his crib. At that moment I knew my sweet boy was back for good(cross my fingers). This knowledge was confirmed when he took a nice long nap after we got home from the gym. And once again woke up happy as can be.
I always worry when he is THAT ornery because there has to be something bothering him that he can't communicate to me. It's during these times I wish he could talk. But I know when that day comes and he is whining or back talking me, I will look back at these days and see how easy it really was.

I love this kid!

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Rebecca said...

That is frustraing not knowing what's wrong. Glad he's feeling better now. And I love that picture!