Friday, March 21, 2008

High Five

There is this fun little trick I like to play on Dan during the mornings he doesn't have to be to work early. Seeing how he is NOT a morning person, he hates it when I wake him up when he doesn't want to be awake. And I feel like he should be up in the morning if I'm up(rude I know). So to make my life a little easier and his(this is the trick part) I send Camden into bed with him to do the dirty work of waking him up. It's funny how seeing Camden in the morning is a pleasant surprise and he welcomes it; as opposed to me, his beautiful, fresh breathed bride. Weird huh?

Anyway... this morning I played that same trick on him and this is what I found them doing!
Dan taught Camden how to give him high five. He has been working on this for the past week and today was the day Camden decided to give in and play Dan's game.
Camden got SO excited every time they did it, it was hilarious. You bet your booty I tried to get in on this but Camden wanted nothing to do with my high fives. Don't worry, I had all day to work with him and make mine just as appealing as Dad's, it worked.

So it's official, our son is now cool!


Debbie said...

Oh that is so cute, you did such a good job and capturing his excitement. It's so exciting when they pick up something new.

Heather said...

Renate and I love these pictures!! How cute are you!

Rebecca :-) said...

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Amy C said...

I love it! I use my kids to do the dirty works sometimes too! It's more fun that way! How fun that he can High-5 now!

Chad said...

Hmmm thats funny last time Camden was here... he was totally givnig me bones... you both are way behind the times... UNCLE CRACKAH is BOSS!