Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Current Stats

Nine months is such a LONG time to carry a child inside of you. So how come the time flies when they are NOT inside of you? I seriously cannot believe Camden in 9 months old today!

I love all of the exciting milestones he has hit and look forward to many more that are to come. It is so exciting getting to see Camden's reaction to so many "firsts". Everything is so new and interesting to him, it makes me happy. He is really starting to notice everything around him and has become quite the explorer. He is such a good baby for the most part and you can always get a smile out of him.

He loves to hang his tongue out of his mouth, and everywhere we go people comment on how funny that is. He also sparks a lot of comments about his "big blue eyes", and Dan and I can't get enough of them ourselves. Most recently he started playing peek-a-boo. He usually does it when he is all wrapped up in his bath towel and has something to pull over his face.

While at his check up today, the doctor joked with Camden about having all of his teeth in before 10 months. He told him he didn't have to be such an overachiever, it was okay to wait a while before getting a mouth full of teeth. He is currently sporting 7 teeth. The top front four(his front right tooth finally broke through, yeah), and three on the bottom. He still puts anything and everything in his mouth, but his favorite object to chew on is his own finger. One of our not so favorite things he enjoys as of late, is teeth grinding. I am not sure why he does this, but it is becoming a constant, I'm afraid he is going to grind them away!
Sometimes he ventures away from scooting and will attempt to crawl on all fours, but he quickly realizes he is much faster at scooting. Standing up on everything and walking along the furniture is what gives him a sense of freedom. He always has a gigantic smile while cruising along. I can tell he is starting to become annoyed with the fact that he is still turned the "wrong way" in his car seat. He is always trying to turn around to be a part of the action.

Eating is something he is always willing to attempt but has mastered the fine art of gagging on almost anything. Everyday we attempt something new in hopes he will be done with the gagging, but it doesn't look like this is changing in the near future.

Mumbling "dadda" and "momma" has become a regular, but unfortunately he has no idea what he is saying. The same thing goes for waving hello and goodbye, he can do it, but we aren't sure if he fully grasps why he does it.

He LOVES being outside and will instantly clam down as soon as the fresh air hits his face. I don't know what we will do when the 100 degree weather hits and mom and dad don't enjoy being outside as much as him.

As of today he weighs 20lbs(he lost a few pounds in the last month, but we aren't alarmed since he has been sick. This weight puts him in the 42 percentile). He is 29.8in long(91%). And his head is 18.3in around(85%).

What an exciting nine months we've had!


Debbie said...

I can not believe he is 9 months already. Holy Cow. What a cutie he is. I love the post about the the daycare at the gym. That is too funny. He's all boy. Enjoy it!

Amy C said...

Wow! I can't believe he is that old already! Time files! Your blog is so fun! I also hope you don't mind if I checkup on you from time to time!

Rebecca said...

9 months! It does go fast! Love the picture. :)