Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update Part 2

Jace Man keeps us on our toes and always smiling.  He is such a ham and a snuggle bug.  Most kids cause trouble behind the scenes hoping they won't get caught; to Jace, the more of an audience the better.  Stinker.

 If there are shoes lying around, Jace is the first one to try them on and walk off.  He could definitely teach me a thing or two about the right way to walk in heels.

All of a sudden his vocabulary has expanded.  He will still use the sign for "thank you", but is really starting to talk and piece together sentences.  He is yet to say Camden's name, but it's enough to melt your heart when he calls him "brudder".  Any words starting with "ch" like Chewie Dog or choo choo train are said with a make shift sound that comes from the back of his throat and out his nose(it's the most hilarious, throat clearing sound, ever). 

For the longest time Jace was a Mama's boy, lucky for all of us he has started sharing more of that love with his Dad.  He hates saying goodbye; dropping him off at Kathy's is a tragedy.  Nursery is a nightmare. And walking down the stairs without him can be disastrous. When he and I left for our sleep over on Sunday, he dropped to the ground in tears when he noticed Camden wasn't following.  Speaking of dropping to the ground, he has mastered the art of throwing tantrums and is quickly learning about time out. 

He loves trucks and trains or anything with wheels.  Dan says he has a natural ability to swing the golf club and is mesmerized when he sees it on TV.  He loves to snuggle with his "beede"(blanket) and give Chewie kisses.

His goal for this year is to be potty trained.  With his strong will and energy directed in the right path it's bound to happen. The last 21 months of our lives have been filled with more joy than we thought possible.  Our family wouldn't be complete without Mr. Jace, we sure love him.

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Cara Fish said...

And HOW adorable is he!?