Monday, January 10, 2011

My Word

I've been thinking lately about my word for the year.  I have come up with several words and I'm yet to write any of them down.  Because you know, once you write it down it becomes official.  

I think it's about time I commit to a word.  This years word was not my first choice, or my second(because those two were easy), but because I know this word is what I need.  And my family needs me to have it too.  My word is:


I always tell myself that I'm a realist, not a pessimist(wink wink).  But the truth sunk in when Dan couldn't take it anymore.  I had been in a rotten mood all day.  Everyone was driving me crazy.  I was anxious, exhausted, and mean. We were heading to the mall and Dan challenged me to not say anything else negative the rest of the trip.  Which I could totally do by not saying anything at all.  But he took it a step further when he said I needed to say 5 positive things before we arrived to our destination.  This should have been easy, but I knew I had a problem when the only nice thing I could think to say was in regards to the color of a car.  And the closer we got to that car, the more thoughts swirled around in my head about not really liking it anyway.  Wow that is ridiculous.

It's easy for me to get caught up in the thick of thins things, and be negative.  So I'm gonna try harder to be better.

Hi my name is Lissa and I have a problem.  But not for long(deep breath).  Here's to the new year, a new word, a new outlook, and a new me.

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Tracy said...

This really could have been me who wrote this blog post. You described my inner pessimist, *ahem* I mean Realist perfectly. I have always loved your one word goals to work on throughout the year.
Thanks for the inspiration!