Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update Part 1

I find it easy to complain about motherhood and the difficulties that come with raising children.  But truth be told I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mom and especially to my boys.

Camden is a sensitive little guy.  He wants nothing more than making his Dad proud and being a big helper for Mom.  He talks about having season tickets to BYU football, growing up and playing basketball and golf.  He loves to help cook in "Lee Lee's Cafe"(my kitchen), and washing windows is definitely his forte.

Lately he has been saying that Jace Man is his best friend; they do everything together.  He tries hard to let Jace be a part of all his adventures.  He has been a big helper when Jace cries at the babysitters house and during nursery.  He is such a nurturer and cares about other peoples feelings.

Last week I took Camden with me on a special trip to the dollar store, just he and I.  On the way over I had given him a Swedish fish from my purse.  I'll be darned if he didn't save it in his sweaty hand the entire trip in order to share it with Jace when we returned.  For a 3.5 year old, boy he sure is thoughtful.

Camden is is very observant and doesn't let things get past him.  He loves to "work" on the computer and use his art kit he got from Santa.  This year's goal is learning how to write his name and I'm confident he will reach it.

This month marks a big one for Camden as he moved up into Primary.  He is now a Sunbeam and takes it very serious.  I may or may not have peeked in the window several times just to see him sitting reverently with his arms folded on the front row.  The pressure is on, family home evening here we come.

We sure expect a lot from him and he has definitely made us proud.  He is a vital part of our family and we love him more everyday.



He is so cute. And poor you. Seriously how many times are you going to have to go to the dr with those two before you catch a break! That headband on Tessa is my fav! Thats the only thing that gets put on..she was still in her pj's but OH WELL!

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

He is so handsome. I love it and am so impressed with him. I just got called to be the Sunbeam teacher, I would be his teacher if we lived near each other. He is such a cutie and I love this picture if the little heart throb.