Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Little Time

So much has happened this past week that I've been meaning to document. But for one reason or another I just haven't found the right time to sit down and get to it! Hopefully I don't forget anything.

To start the week off I went back to work. My emotions are all over the place about this and not sure which ones to right down. I'll try and keep it simple(yeah right, my emotions aren't simple, just ask Dan).

I thought taking two kids to the babysitter would be easier because they had each other. But instead it broke my heart twice. I also thought I could keep it together because I had done it once before, and supposedly knew what it felt like. I had no idea what it felt like to put my trust in someone else and let them help raise my 7 week old NEWborn. I never in a million years thought Camden understood what was going on when I told him we were going to "Kathy's". I had talked to him about it the day before and the entire 2 minute ride to her house that morning. I told him Daddy would pick him up after lunch, not really expecting him to get it. With which he replied, "Affer lunch Daddy on me(that's how he says 'hold me')." He knew. It hurt.

But aside from feelings sorry for myself I saw some silver lining. My job thus far has been incredibly flexible in letting me pick my own schedule. Being able to have AWESOME benefits at an affordable price is a blessing. It gives Dan a chance to be a Dad and not have me telling him how to be one. And it also opens my eyes a little wider to what Dan goes through day after day going to work to provide for our family.

This too shall pass.

Speaking of benefits. Camden has been on a stupid antibiotic for over 20 days and still managed to get a fever. Obviously that drug doesn't want to stop what he's got going. I'm not sure if it's something else on top of his hugely swollen tonsils, or just those. But whatever it is I hope it goes away, I want my sleep back.

Jace slept for nine hours at night, two days in a row. Keep it coming big guy!

It official, I'm now in my late 20's. I got to share my big day with Jace. Today in church he was given a name and a blessing. Dan didn't change his name, phew. Jace looked handsome. I even used a tiny bit of hairspray on him for his big day. And through Heavenly Father, Dan gave Jace a beautiful blessing.

And to top it all off, my Dad came into town this weekend. His visit was short lived, but super fun. All of us went out to eat Saturday, and after that my dad and I went for dessert(I'm a Braithwaite through and's not a meal without dessert). Camden got to open his birthday present early and even use his new squirt gun in my house. And because "grandpa only comes to his 2nd birthday party once", I tried not to get mad when he brought the bubble gun in to drip on my kitchen floor.
This week was definitely one to remember. Thanks for coming all this way just for the weekend Dad, it meant a lot to us.



SNIFFLE SNIFFLE...getting klenex!

Heather said...

lissa, I think of you so much! that pic of the family is PRECIOUS! you are so beautiful and that kid has some serious HAIR! I miss you!

Kris*Mitch*Kal said...

Tell Camden Kali said HAPPY BIRTHDAy!!!!!