Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Boy

*Blogger is making me so mad not letting me move my pictures around! So ignore that they are out of order. Ughhh!*
My big guy turned TWO today! I guess that means no more free flights for him on Southwest, dang!

The festivities began last week when my dad was in town and continued through today, his real birthday.

Recently he has been particular about eating everything with a fork and not making too big of a mess. Because of that I knew we wouldn't get the same show we got last year while eating the cake, and I opted for a cupcake. It worked perfect. He had one bite and moved on to his gifts!

Besides a bunch of new clothes and flip flops he got a few dinosaurs. Everytime I asked him what toy he wanted for his birthday he would say a blue dinosaur. The only blue one I could find was pocket size so he lucked out and got this walking/growling one as well.

His infatuation for dinosaurs grows stronger everyday. I'm not too sure where this all started from, but he talks of dinosaurs as if they live all around us. In fact...if you are bugging him he will growl at you as if he were a dinosaur himself.

Opening presents was so fun because he actually got it. He knew exactly what he was supposed to do. His reaction to getting clothes was the same as a ten year olds would be, he could've cared less.

To give him a practice run on blowing out candles, we had some friends over Thursday to decorate cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday. Check out his masterpiece!
And because I ended up having to work today we took him to the splash park last night and let him run around. Overall I think he had a fun few days of birthday celebration.
Happy Birthday Camden, we love you!


Tawnya said...

He is so dang cute and so grown up! I love that he's a 'clean' eater. He is just all-out adorable.

Amy C said...

I can't believe he is two already! It seems like you just had him. What a cutie he is!