Thursday, June 18, 2009

With Age Comes Responsibility

The day after Camden turned 2 we put him to work. The tool kit he got for his birthday from Seth and Tessa came in handy when he had to help Dan take down his own crib.

He has absolutely loved this crib. If I didn't have a newborn who needed it, I would definitely keep Camden in. We have tried so hard to get him into his toddler bed, but knew it wasn't gonna happen with his crib any where in sight. We have tried putting Jace in it thinking Camden might not want it anymore, but he just climbed on in with him. Little stinker.
I thought he would be traumatized for sure, but he could've cared less. He waved goodbye to that old thing like nobodies business.
We showed him how much baby "Eddie" loved the toddler bed and even took naps in it hoping he'd understand. I think it worked.
He went to sleep without much hesitation.
Now how long do I have to wait to put the crib back up and get my newborn in it?

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