Friday, June 19, 2009

2 Months

This week both kids went to the doctor for a well check and shots. Can I first just tell you how much I LOVE my pediatrician!!! He is so REAL. He listens and understands me and that's exactly what I need in a doctor.
Jace weighed in at 14.12lbs and is 24 1/4in tall. He must be in the same contest as his brother for biggest head measuring 40.1cm.

At 2 months Jace is all smiles. He has just started making "happy" sounds when he likes something you do or say. The moment you smile at him, he smiles right back, it is too cute. He's not a big napper during the day but it's well worth it each night when he sleeps 8-9 hours.

His hair is still going strong and I haven't noticed any falling out, but it's definitely much lighter.

And most recently he has found his thumb. I'm not too sure I feel okay about this. Why is it I think it's so cute on other peoples kids but not my own? I can throw a blanket or binky away but I'm not sure I could chop off my own kids thumb.
Jace is such a joy, these two months have flown by!

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