Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WARNING: Choking Hazard

This afternoon I was trying to finish up a project I had started but Camden didn't want this to happen. He was fussy and wanting to be held so I did what I thought was brilliant...found something to distract him. I set him in his chair and gave him a "biter biscuit". These are easy dissolving cookies for TODDLERS that are teething. On the back of the box it states that these can be a choking hazard and to only give them to children that are strong enough to crawl on their own. I didn't see what crawling had to do with eating, so I gave it to him anyway. It worked, he loved it and was making a mess so I continued with my project. To make a long story short...he ended up choking on the dang thing and scared me half to death. I tried to get it out with my finger but it was stuck, so I picked him up out of the chair, set him on my knee and smacked his back like I meant it. After the third smack he started to cry and the food came up.

Who am I to think the warning on the back didn't pertain to me?

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Rebecca said...

Oh I hate those scary moments!!! Glad he's ok.