Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jumpin' Jackpot

Tonight we splurged! Tiffani got a babysitter, we left all our kids together, and went on a double date to Dave & Buster's. This place is like 49th Street Galleria for you Utahans old enough to remember, or Chuck E Cheese's on steroids. I should've taken pictures of some of the people there, was all adults, some a lot older than others.

We ate dinner first and then we were off to win tickets. The first "game" I played was the Jumpin' Jackpot. A light spins around this contraption and when it reaches the bottom you have to jump as if you were playing jump rope. Sounds stupid, but it was sooo fun and I have to brag because I rocked at this! I made it look easy so Dan decided to give it a try...much to his dismay he...well, let's just say jumping rope isn't his forte.
But he is good at whatever this game was called! He scored us a ton of tickets on this one!
Watch out people, you don't wanna get on this couples bad side. They will tear you apart.
After playing hard all night we went and cashed in ALL our tickets! We ended up getting somewhere around 1400 tickets, and out of everything we could've "bought", my dear sweet husband picked this...(dun dun dun)
A stupid plastic toy that blows air in your face! WOW, I love him!

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Rebecca said...

You guys always have so much fun! I'll tell you, Mike and I are WAY overdue for a date.... We'll have to do something about that. :)