Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can This Really Be?

My little man turned 6 months yesterday! I cannot believe he is really that old, and I cannot believe I am really that old! WOW!

I never posted a picture of him when he turned 5 months, so here it is.

I know what you are thinking. This picture doesn't look much different from the one below. But I am here to say that he has changed tremendously in the last month.
He now weighs 18.1lbs. Not a huge difference from before but give the kid a break...he was barfing pretty much that entire time. He is 27 1/2 inches tall.

The lucky guy got 6 shots in the legs and one oral vaccine, which he handled pretty well. Once he started to cry I shoved the binky in his mouth and he was fine. I have probably created my own monster with that plug because he would do fine without it, but it really comes in handy for the noise pollution.
Over this past month he has started sitting up on his own. He still takes his fair share of tumbles when I sit him up, but he is getting the hang of it and loving a bit more independence. I have really noticed him watching me when I leave the room and sometimes he even cries until I come back in his sight. This is bitter sweet. I love the fact that he recognizes me and wants me around(come on people, this won't last forever), but the crying...not so sweet!
He loves toys. He recently found the wheel on his stroller and was fascinated by it. This and anything that lights up will surely grab his attention. He loves to be the center of attention. He will pound toys on anything near him, and talk your ear off for days. He loves to watch our mouths move when we talk and has been caught trying to mimic the movements.
He has started to show interest in holding his own bottle. It would be too good to be true if he had actually mastered this skill. I will keep praying. I am loving that he is a pretty good baby food eater. When he is hungry he will open up wide and try just about anything.
He recognizes his name and will look when it is being called(almost every time, but sometimes that male selective hearing kicks in). And my favorite thing lately has to be when I walk in to pick him up from the gym daycare and his face lights up. He kicks his feet and shakes his hands with excitement and I love that he loves me. Dan still wins the award for getting him to laugh the hardest. He loves his Dad and busts up at everything he says and does!
I cannot believe he is already this old, man time has flown by!

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Rebecca said...

Happy Half Birthday! LOL I can't believe he's 6 months already!