Saturday, June 2, 2012


There are a few sure things that happen around here almost daily.  One of them is Camden wanting eggs for breakfast.  I'm convinced he will soon turn into an egg because he eats so many of them.  And what egg would be complete without a ketchup smiley face?

Camden is my breakfast man, he likes to eat first thing after waking up and he eats his eggs like a champ.  If he can help it, he will eat sitting on the same bar stool while wrapped in his blanket all while watching cartoons.

Jace man begs for chocolate milk several times a day.  And it's not just any chocolate milk, he likes the powdered chocolate so he can "stir the bumpies".

I'm not sure where the word "bumpies" came from, but he uses it all the time when referring to stirring his chocolate milk.

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