Thursday, May 31, 2012


The boys had a delicious and nutritious meal for lunch today which consisted of corndogs and ranch dressing.  I started to become interested in their conversation when I overheard Camden talking about baptizing his corndog in the ranch.  This is what my sacrilegious children were saying:

Jace: You are getting bigger so you can be baptized
Camden: I'm only gonna be 5, not 8, but I don't wanna be baptized
Jace: Well you have to be baptized
Camden: Nuh uh
Jace: Uh Huh
Camden:(yelling) I said I don't wanna
Jace: Well Daddy will put you in the water and you can't choose.  You will just be (growling voice) BAPTIZED!
Camden: (crying and running away scared out of his mind) NOOOOOO

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