Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kid's Camp

Camden got an early birthday present this year from Nanny and Papa.  They paid for him to go to a super fun summer "kids camp".  The camp was Monday thru Thursday from 9am-1230pm.  One of the sweet 12 year old girls from my Beehive class put it on with her friend and they did an incredible job.

Each time I picked Camden up he was excited and so happy with what they had done that day.  They made camp t-shirts, pottery, solar oven(in a shoe box) s'mores, had relay races, and enjoyed snacks. The kids earned tickets each day for various reasons which they got to spend at the "store" on the last day of camp.  Camden came home with all sorts of fun items and felt like such a big kid getting to attend.  What a fun way to kick of summer!

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