Sunday, October 30, 2011

Costume Saga

"I wish to be Iron Man for Halloween"

Ladies and Gentleman, wishes come true at our house.  Iron Man it is!

Camden and Jace are beyond thrilled every time they talk about and/or put on their costumes.

And Jace will have it be known that he is a "nice skeleton not a scary one, huh".

Camden asked that I "be sure to show this blue fhing in a picture, k".  I'm not really sure what this blue "fhing" does, but I know it looks pretty awesome.

Although I'm new to this superhero business, it has sure brought some interesting conversation up in our home and lots of smiles and magic.

I am Iron Man, na na na na na na na na Iron Man.

I am a skeleton, na na na na na na na na a skeleton.

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