Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full Circle

I do not remember life without a boat growing up.  We spent many Saturday's at the lake, and every summer at Lake Powell.  So taking my kids this weekend seemed only natural. 
Too bad Camden didn't feel very natural.  He was worried about Papa driving too fast, and if the fish were mean, and not being able to see the bottom of the water.  But he was perfectly content sitting in the sun eating our packed lunch.  I had to throw him in the water in order to cool off, he didn't appreciate it.  Luckily Uncle Caleb was more convincing and bribed him with two cookies if he took a ride on the tube.  He did, and was pleasantly surprised with how fun it was.
Jace on the other hand, has no fear!  I had to hold him in the boat while it was going so he wouldn't jump off the front.  He will definitely be wake boarding with me next time.
While Dan and I tried to recover from being old, Uncle Caleb did some entertaining.
I remember being little, sitting on my dad's lap "driving" the boat.  I felt so proud of myself for doing such a big job.  I love when life comes full circle.
For as many times as I have been out on the boat, you'd think this weekend was nothing special. But with my boys at such a fun age, I tried soaking up every moment I could.  This trip was nothing out of the ordinary, but one I will never forget.


{amy k.} said...

ohhhh boating! i LOVE it and haven't gone all summer! glad you had fun!

Kaylie said...

That is such a fun time! I got to do the same thing with my daughter this summer and loved seeing her doing all the things I remembered Melissa doing at her is so crazy and cool and the same time :) Hopefully Camden will keep warming up to boating.

Bubbly Faces said...

Fun! I love when you get the feeling of things coming full circle. Kiss the boys for us!