Saturday, August 20, 2011

Date Day

For the past couple nights when Camden said his prayers, he prayed that Daddy would take him golfing.  So for Dan's day off this week we decided to each take a kid and do something together.
It's was only fitting for these two to hit the golf course.  And when I called to see how things were going, Camden couldn't wait to tell Jace Man about his fun time with Dad.  The older Camden gets, the more fun it is to watch him want to do everything just like his dad.
Jace and I hit the road to run a couple errands.  The first and most important errand was of course stopping for a drink at the gas station.  Next on the ice cream cone for my man.  We ended our running around town after picking out a pillow for Papa's long flight to China.

When I brought Jace home for a nap I wasn't expecting much of one because Camden was still out golfing.  These two have slept in the same room ever since Jace was born, that is all they know!  Much to my surprise Jace went right down, no fighting, no crying, no ridiculous antics.  He was out like a light in no time flat.  And we thought Jace was to blame for the nap time/nighttime craziness.

These boys are usually easier together simply for the entertainment factor.  But the one on one time was much needed and appreciated!


Eun Jin Lee said...

Why is Dan going to China?

{amy k.} said...

so cute he prayed to go golfing!