Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Know The Suspense Is Killing You...

So it is true, Heavenly Father hears prayers! We are having another boy and we couldn't be more excited. Both of us were positive it was going to be a girl because that is not in the current budget. But imagine that, we were wrong!

Just so you all know, one of the reasons I love Dan so much is because he comes up with the craziest comments. When my doctor revealed we were having another boy Dan said, "Oh good, Camden needed a golfing partner. It's always more fun to golf in pairs".

So now comes the tricky part, we need to work on the following:
  • a name
  • a place for this one to sleep
  • transitioning Camden into a real bed(I refuse to buy another crib)
  • do we or do we not need a double stroller
  • teaching Camden to be soft(we don't need them wrestling from the get go)
  • stocking up on diapers


Shelby said...

Congrats!! Good luck with the name choosing.

Kenzie said...

CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you! Little boys melt my heart! And i just feel sorry for you on the name thing. That is the absolute HARDEST thing about being preg, especially with a boy! It will be so cute no matter what you choose!

fivewalkers said...

WOOT! WOOT! Another cute nephew! Congrats.

Aaron N Beki said...

aww awesome! Your so great Lissa! I thoroughly enjoyed all your comments on the important things in life you positive woman you! boy names are easy for me and girl names are the hardest....but good luck with that one. heeh

Heather said...

I am a yes on the double stroller. YES!! But I would go with the expensive Combi brand. I bought Graco and Jeep brand double strollers and didn't like either. Graco is SO BIG AND BULKY! The Jeep didn't have any storage parts for shopping bags ect. Combi is very lightweight and not bulky. It is like a pump, you spend more but get what you spend. Good luck.

Rebecca said...

As you can see I'm behing on blogs again. ;) We're so excited for a new nephew!!!