Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm not one for hanging a bunch of "stuff" on my fridge. So why does this piece of artwork hanging make me so happy you ask?
Because it means Camden is finally in Nursery!!! I can't even tell you how liberating it feels to have two hours of church, kid free. Unfortunately Dan has to leave for work right after sacrament and it was far too difficult to teach my class with a hungry, tired, toddler. So bless our sweet nursery leaders hearts for taking him a month earlier than usual. The first Sunday we took him he was a bit confused but did rather well. The second Sunday he was not feeling good and cried, so I ended up staying with him for a bit. And ever since then he goes like a champ.

Now if only I could find a ward that takes the children for all three hours!


Rebecca said...

I'd move there if they took them for SM too! LOL That's great! Isn't it nice?! Enjoy it for the few months you have. :) BTW, M leaves for work after SM too. Hate that!


its awesome huh!! But now Owen wont go without one of us!