Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is an interesting tag. You are supposed to go to your photos on your computer and find the 4th file then pick the 4th photo. Yes Rebecca, I know you tagged me a month ago. I didn't forget, I'm just REALLY slow!

This picture was taken about 2 weeks after we were married. Notice my great actor of a husband with a pitiful frown on his face? That my friends is why I was so hesitant to take him to the hospital in the first place.

The story goes like this:

We bought a house in arizona, quit our jobs in Utah, got married, and went on an awesome cruise for our honeymoon. After coming home from that honeymoon late Saturday night we invited ourselves over for Sunday dinner at my parents. We had some sort of chicken dish and I remember Dan acting like a baby having a hard time cuttting his chicken. I was so nervous to ask him if he needed help because I didn't want my family to see me "waiting on my husband hand and foot". I ended up cutting his chicken and trying to make a joke of it, but was extremely embarrassed. That night Dan was walking slow, and acting low on energy...but being the compassionate wife I am, I tried to blow off his whimpiness. The next day we were invited to a BBQ with my friends to say goodbye before moving to Arizona. But that day Dan woke up and needed help getting out of bed, opening the milk, closing the toothpaste, and even walking. You name it, he couldn't do it. So I went to the store and got him gatorade and bananas. I told him he was low on potassium and electrolytes, and he needed to buck up and get ready for the BBQ. But when he practically fell over walking down the hallway to the bathroom, I told him I would go to the party alone and he should just rest. And that we did.

Once I got to the party my friends found it a little odd that my husband of two weeks didn't come with me. I told them he wasn't feeling well, but they insisted on more details(probably hoping for a juicy first fight story). So I told them what was going on and they insisted I take him in.

Little side note: We just quite our jobs and therefore had no health insurance. We were scheduled to move in a week and didn't have time to wait for a doctors appointment.

Needless to say, I gave into their peer pressure and took him to the ER that night. Boy was I grateful for those friends and the timing of making it to the hospital. It just so happened that a very good nuerologist was getting ready to leave the hospital as we arrived(11pm is not a normal time for a specialist to be hanging around). He came in, assessed Dan, and immediately identified the problem. He was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome . I felt so stupid for telling my husband he was fine and to snap out of it. They eneded up admitting him to the hospital and told us how lucky we were to catch this so early.

Sitting with him in the hospital for the next eight days as he became paralyzed, were exhausting. But the two of us learned a lot about each other, and we will never forget our very expensive second honeymoon.


Tawnya said...

I did the same thing with Kolby when we were dating! He was sick and insisted it was West Nile Virus that was making headlines at the time. I told him it wasn't possible. Next thing I knew, he was diagnosed and on heavy meds and super sick for a good week. Good thing he didn't listen to me!

Rebecca said...

I remember this! (Don't feel bad taking forever to post... I've been doing the same thing lately...) Poor Dan, hope he has let you live it down! :) To your credit though, the W boys are pretty wimpy. I probably would have done the same thing! LOL

Cara Fish said...

How interesting! That was the best photo tag I've seen!