Monday, November 24, 2008

2 FOR 1

Today was the big day! After several doctor visits, a lot of pain, and sleepless nights...Camden finally got tubes put in his ears. I can't even begin tell you how big of a pain this has been. I am so glad we switched doctors when we did(we should have a lot sooner) to one that heard our concerns and got him seen right away.

We arrived bright and early at the hospital just for these cute matching bracelets. I hear they only give them to the first ten people in line. Aren't we cool?
Shortly after arriving, my two flirtatious boys made best friends with a little girl and her mom. When her anesthesiologist came back to explain how the "giggle mask" worked, she also brought one for Camden. He kept putting it up to his mouth, like the doctor did when she showed the girl, it was pretty funny!

He kept himself busy with all the toys until about 7:30(30minutes after his "start time"), and that's when all hell broke loose. He was crying and demanding I get him food out of my bag. I felt so bad for the poor guy, and everyone else in the waiting room.

Once they finally took him back(yes I cried) we were only apart for about 1.5 hours. Both doctors came out and told us how well he did. The ENT said he should feel so much better now that all the infected fluid and pressure was gone.

I will leave the details of the second surgery out for now. If Camden feels inclined to share them with you, go for it! But we were glad to get them both done at the same time!

Once he arrived in recovery, Camden was not a happy camper at those nurses who poked and prodded him. When we got to go back and see him, he was furious! We gave him a sippy cup of juice and he calmed down pretty quickly, until he remembered the IV in his hand hurt. Once he saw that, his heart rate jumped up to about 185 and he was hysterical again. That's when he reached for his Daddy and let the nurses know they better take that darn thing out. He was so upset while they took the IV out, he barfed all over Dan, then made his way back to me. That's my boy!


Rebecca said...

Oh boy! Well, I'm glad it's done and that he will not suffer from ear infections. But what a hard thing to go through for him and for you! Hugs and kisses to you guys!!!

Tawnya said...

He must be asleep since you posted about this already! Glad it all went well and you're over this hump.

Aaron N Beki said...

ah poor kid! thats so hard but I bet he feels a ton better. my hubby had those in his ears when he was 3 ouch!

amy said...

What a sweetheart. Even at 4 years old the first thing Rex did after getting his tonsils out and tubes put in was barf all over me. Anyway, enough about me... Do you need anything? Can I help you or bring you dinner or something?

Cara Fish said...

Whoa! At least you never will have to wonder how he's feeling!


YEAHHHHHHH!! Its been too long...I havent talked to you in like forever...Im having Lissa withdrawls infact Im going to call you right NOW!!