Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Headed Up North

This time of year always makes me homesick! Homesick for the change of season; the leaves falling, colors changing, and brisk morning air. You just don't see much of that in Arizona, at least where I live. But this past weekend that void was filled! I got to head up north with my Young Women for youth conference and we had a blast.

Back in my day I never enjoyed going to girls camp or youth conference, in fact I HATED it! So you can imagine the fear that struck when they called me to be YW President. I knew I was in some serious trouble and wouldn't be able to make up any more excuses! So as the days got closer for us to head up, the more I began to panic. But once we got up there, I quickly learned it wasn't too bad. I actually enjoyed myself and the rest of the company.
I have the sweetest girls and the most amazing leaders to work with. I learned so much during this past weekend and I will cherish it forever!
One of my favorite parts was the hike. There is just something about being outside(when it's not 110 degrees, chasing a toddler) to soak everything in.
Now lets just pray I don't panic nearly as much when the next overnighter rolls around!



Looks like it all turned out well!! I love you!

Aaron N Beki said...

oh Lissa you didn't tell me you got a new calling that is perfect for you. You are so easy to like and Im sure the girls just absolutely love you. They are so lucky.

Natenkell said...

I'm so jealous!! I got released from YW president in August and I'm still going through withdrawals. It's a huge responsibility, but leaves a huge void when it's gone. Enjoy it while you can! Even the stuff you don't think you'll miss.