Friday, November 21, 2008

A Long Overdue Visit

This past weekend Dan's brother Aaron and his adorable wife Denise were visiting. Even though it was just for a few days we had so much fun.

One night we were discussing "old times" and the guys were making fun of us girls for remembering things that happened while we were young. They couldn't believe we knew who our preschool teacher was, and what our kindergarten class pet was. And we too thought they were weird for not remembering those important details. Until finally...their memory slowly started returning...and we got some good stories out of them. We were all laughing and I think they secretly enjoyed it more than the girls did. Why is it guys have to act like they don't care about those sort of things? I don't get it.
Aaron and Denise hooked Camden up with a sweet Utah Jazz jersey. So of course we had to take pictures wearing matching outfits. Can you tell they are related? Look at both of them with their mouths wide open and tongue ready to fall out. I love it!
I get so nervous not living by family that Camden won't know who they are. I understand he is still young, but sometimes it breaks my heart(okay, all the time). So when they showed up and he wanted nothing to do with them, I felt like a failure. And that feeling was quickly taken away when he made quite a scene the night they left for Utah. He cried, and would have went with them had we let him. I'm not one who enjoys seeing my kid act like a baby and make a scene. But this time it was different. I would watch that over and over because it made me feel so good. Isn't it funny how even at a young age you can feel so comfortable around family.
Thanks for visiting A & D, we miss you already!


Jen and Johnny said...

It is so fun seeing pictures of Aaron and his wife!! So cute!!! And congrats!!!!!!! So fun you are expecting~ even if it is a shocker!!!!